5 Ugly Truths as to Why Good Leads Go Cold

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good-leads-gone-cold1Every day, homeowners call on contractors to inquire about installing new countertops in their homes. But not every inquiry results in a paying job for the fabricator. Here are the top reasons why those leads go cold, and what you can do to prevent prospects from walking away.

1   Taking Too Long to Respond to the Prospect
If you can’t respond to a lead within 24 hours, you’ve probably lost that lead. In today’s “instant reply” internet world, homeowners expect a contractor to be responsive with communications. And taking too long to make initial contact is, in the homeowner’s mind, a reflection on how you may perform the requested work. Many times, the first contractor to respond to a homeowner is the one who gets the homeowner’s greatest attention, and often wins the job. That applies to long lead times for appointments and long turnaround times for completing the job as well.

2   Providing a Price That “Blew Them Out of the Water”
I recently got several quotes from contractors to do a bathroom remodel. And while most estimated the job about the same ($30k ballpark), one contractor priced it at $50k. Needless to say, for him the lead went cold. Make sure to work with the homeowner and understand his budget before providing an estimate that greatly exceeds it. If you can’t do the job for less, explain why — and why competitor’s estimates may be inaccurate or misleading.

3   Prospect Didn’t Like You
The ugly truth is that people work with people they like. And tend not to work with people they don’t. A friendly, considerate, responsive, upfront and straightforward approach will always win more prospects. Be aware of quirks in your salespeople’s personalities that may turn prospects off — such as talking too much, promising too much, or appearing untrustworthy. If a prospect likes you (or your salesperson) personally, it can often overcome pricing, product and timing issues and win you the job.

4   Losing Out to More Aggressive Competition
Prospects almost never contact just one contractor. They’ll reach out to at least 2 and often 3. Let the prospect know how much you’d like to work with them. Price your services competitively and follow up diligently. If you don’t, your competition will and it’s likely that they’ll get the job instead of you.

5   Changing Circumstances for the Prospect
Sometimes a lead goes cold through no fault of your own. Sometimes the homeowner has to postpone the intended project. But in most cases, will eventually come back and complete it. Don’t be discouraged, if you follow through, do everything right, and still don’t get the job. It may still come your way in good time. Contractors that LeadQ generates customer inquiries for have reported to us that sometimes leads go cold for 3-6 months, or even a year before it comes back as an active job.

At LeadQ, our top priority to help countertop businesses close as many new new jobs as possible. Because our success depends directly on your success. We generate qualified exclusive new customers for countertop fabricators and other contractors and seek to build long-term relationships with our clients. We charge only on a Per Qualified Inquiry basis, so you only pay us when we generate a solid qualified new customer calling your business. If you are unable to close the prospects we generate, you won’t generate income to your business and won’t continue working with us. It’s that simple. 

To find out more about how LeadQ can generate more paying countertop jobs for your business, call us at 800-662-2888 or 480-577-0330 (direct line).

Author: Jim Rauch

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