Showroom vs. In-Home Appointments: Which Is Better for Countertop Sales?

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inhome_vs_showroom_appointmentsMany countertop sellers and fabricators insist on building a beautiful showroom to showcase their work and provide remodeling ideas for potential customers.

And while a large, well-appointed showroom can make a great impression – providing real-world examples of custom work and options you provide – showroom sales appointments do not necessarily result in closing more of your customer leads.

6 Benefits of In-Home Appointments

1   If you will be visiting a customer’s home for measuring, you can do that when you do your initial in-home sales presentation, cutting out a step in the process.

2   In-home appointments allow the customer greater freedom and convenience for scheduling, as they do not have to worry about drive time to your showroom.

3   They provide give your salesperson more one-on-one time from the customer without interruptions common in busy workplaces.

4   In-home appointments show that you are willing to (literally) “go the extra mile” for the customer.

5   Typically in-home appointments are made by prospects who are more serious about buying, and buying on a sooner timeline. More “looky-loos” or “information gatherers” go to showrooms. They talk to salespeople, but may just looking for ideas and cost ballparks – being not as ready-to-buy as in-home appointment customers.

6   Your salesperson can bring the full line of quartz product samples to each appointment and can provide a better first impression than if you do not have an adequate showroom situation.

3 Sales Benefits of Showroom Appointments

1   Larger size samples of material may be available – giving the customer a better feel for what a large slab of quartz will look like once installed.

2   If you also sell sinks and faucet fixtures, it is often easier for the customer to see and buy their sink in the same showroom visit, and make sure colors/styles match their quartz product/color selection.

3   Showrooms can showcase samples of real-work work you’ve done and may provide more confidence in your shop’s fabrication skills, variety of options and design advice.

If you currently only set showroom appointments, we suggest you also consider offering in-home appointments. In-home appointments generally result in a higher closing rate than showroom appointments. If you have a well-appointed showroom, we recommend you give the prospect the option of which type of appointment they prefer. Prospects who have already done their research – and know exactly what they want – will often choose an in-home appointment.

Author: Jim Rauch

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