How to Use Mobile Marketing for Your Kitchen Remodeling Business

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mobile marketing for contractorsIn the last 12 months, mobile-search inquiries to the granite countertop and kitchen cabinet firms we work with have grown from 6% to as much as 40% of the total new inquiries they received.

If you’re not yet utilizing mobile marketing for your kitchen remodeling business, here are some guidelines on how to do it effectively – some of the same strategies that we use at Swift Contractor Leads to generate new clients on a pay-per-inquiry basis for local kitchen remodeling firms.

1. Mobile Pay-Per-Click

Although Google has made it easier for run pay-per-click search ads on both desktop and mobile devices, the same marketing campaign may not be as effective on all devices. Mobile phone users typically do not use the internet in the same way as desktop users. Mobile searchers are often more ready-to-call when they search and tend not to review as many competitors. Optimize a mobile-specific search campaign to attract these unique visitors and make sure those ads show in the top ranked positions.

2. Mobile-Optimized Website

Prospects who search and find your firm on a mobile phone should click through to mobile-optimized site promoting your business. If you don’t yet have a mobile optimized site for your business, you’re missing out on many potential new customers – most standard websites are difficult to read and navigate on mobile screens, inviting potential customers to click elsewhere. The business with the site best optimized for viewing on mobile is often the one that gets the most prospect viewing time, and the most inquiries.

3. Missed Call Lead Forwarding

Set up Missed Call Lead Forwarding so if an incoming call from a potential customer goes unanswered, the caller’s message is automatically forwarded to your smart phone. This allows you to receive the prospect’s inquiry and return the call immediately, rather than waiting until someone checks the company voice mail (which could be 24 or more hours after the message was left). Potential customers will often contact a competitor if you miss their initial inquiry call, so the sooner you receive their message and return the call, the better your chances are of turning them into a paying customer.

Author: Jim Rauch

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