7 Tips to Generating Testimonials and Reviews for Home Improvement Contractors

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testimonials-referrals2At LeadQ, we’ve found that posting positive testimonials and online reviews about a home improvement contractor significantly improves the number of inquiries the business receives and makes the business stand out among competitors. Here are seven easy tips to generate those vitally-needed testimonials and reviews in today’s competitive environment.

1. Make sure each customer, first of all, has a positive experience in dealing with you and your business

It may be obvious, but a concerted effort to generate positive reviews begins with a concerted effort to make your customer’s experience with your business as positive as absolutely possible. Every contact you and your business has with a customer is an opportunity to make a good impression. That starts with whoever answers the phone the first time a prospect contacts your business.

2. Ask your customers to share their thoughts about their experience with your business upon the conclusion of the job

The next time a client compliments you and/or your work via email, phone, or in a consultation (even if a job has not yet been completed), ask them if they wouldn’t mind providing the same feedback in a testimonial or online review. Have your office (or do it yourself) send them a quick email as a reminder of your conversation with them. This is also a good opportunity to suggest they refer your business to others.

3. Make it easy for clients to organize their thoughts when they’re writing — by providing some sample questions

Why did you choose this business to do your [home improvement project]? How did the project turn out? What was it like to work with [us]? Would you recommend this business to others for their project? If so, why?…

4. Set up business profile pages on common online platforms so customers have a place to go to post their reviews

Set up a business profile page for your home improvement contracting business on commonly visited online platforms that allow reviews (such as Facebook, Yelp, Google Plus, CitiSearch, etc.). When you follow-up with your email request for a testimonial/review, provide links directly to those sites for your business. It’s often easier to focus on one or two different sites, rather than trying to cover every possible platform out there.

5. Take photos of the completed home improvement project and ask the customer if you could post them to review sites as examples of your work

Then, send the customer a link to the posted photos and ask them to comment on how they liked the completed job and working with your business.

6. Don’t be afraid to re-ask for a testimonial/review, if your first request is ignored

Sometimes a client may need to see your “ask” for a testimonial several times before making the time to write down their thoughts. That’s ok… people are busy these days and often forget about the “ask” the first time. A friendly reminder sometimes is all it takes.

7. Respond quickly to a negative online review

Whenever you come across a negative review about your business, it is essential that you respond to it. Do not ignore it. If someone reads a negative review, but also sees that you offered to help solve the issue, then that potential customer will see that you do care about your customer’s happiness, which may well lead to a positive impression after all.

Author: Jim Rauch

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