5 Ways to Close More Quartz Countertop Leads

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5 ways to close more quartz leadsThere are at least 50 ways to lose a sale. But by following these five simple guidelines, you can close more of your quartz countertop leads into sales for your business, and get a higher ROI on your marketing expenditures.

1   Always answer the phone
If you’re paying to market your countertop business, or even buying phone leads from interested prospects, always answer your business phone. If you don’t answer, 9 times out of 10, the prospect will simply hang up instead of leaving you a message. He’ll call another quartz fabricator (one that will probably answer the phone too). If you can’t answer a call, make sure someone else at your office can — even on weekends. While every call isn’t necessarily a new prospect, just one missed opportunity can rob you of thousands of dollars in sales. If nobody will be at your office to answer, forward your business line to your cell phone.

2   Missed call lead forwarding
Sometimes its virtually impossible to answer every incoming call to your business. When all else fails, and the call goes to voice mail, make sure you’re set up to forward your voice mail messages directly to your personal cell phone. Some lead generation partners, such as LeadQ, supply this service. But you can also set it up yourself using Google Voice. Voice mail messages are transcribed and sent to your personal cell phone via email or text and include the caller’s name, message and callback number. If you miss an incoming call, you can return the call minutes later, not hours or days later — or whenever someone next checks the company’s voice mail. The longer it takes you to call back a prospect, the greater the chance he will call your competitors. You can almost always save these leads — and close more of them — by calling back prospects within a couple minutes of their initial call.

3   Don’t quote over the phone – require an in-home or showroom consultation
This is another way that quartz fabricators can lose sales. Prospects frequently are looking for “ballpark” prices over the phone. And fabricators sometimes tend to give in to these requests. However, quoting over the phone simply arms the prospect with a price that they can then shop with against your competitors, leaving you without further opportunities to close the sale. Sales are made not just on price, but on the relationship and confidence you build with the homeowner during the estimation and product selection process. If the homeowner won’t meet with you in person to discuss their project, they are not a serious buyer and you’re better off not wasting your time with them.

4   Don’t buy non-exclusive email leads
You may have already tried lead generation services in which a homeowner submits some information online and the lead gets sent out to multiple countertop fabricators — each trying to call back the prospect as quickly as possible, ultimately annoying the homeowner. Even if the homeowner was ready to hire a fabricator (often they are just seeking information when submitting email inquiries from information-oriented sites), you still have to compete against as many as 10 other companies for the business, depending on how many competitors also received the lead. If you’re going to buy quartz countertop leads from a lead generation partner, make sure the leads are exclusive to your business only — this increases the chances of closing those leads multi-fold.

5   Don’t dismiss requests for remnants
Talk to every prospect as if they were buying an entire kitchen, even if they only want a remnant or vanity. You may inspire them to include the kitchen in their countertop replacement project, either now or in the future. And you never know when a small job or remnant client will refer you to their friends, family and neighbors for another job.


Author: Jim Rauch

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