5 Insider Secrets to Making Your Countertop Lead Generation More Cost-Effective

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Contractor_lead_generation_insider_secrets2Most countertop lead generation programs actually fail to generate enough new customers to justify the marketing expense. But by following these five “insider” guidelines, it is possible to avoid the typical money-wasting mistakes – and instead have a highly-profitable campaign for your countertop business.

1  Find potential countertop customers at the time they’re ready to hire a fabricator.
Pay Per Click programs can work well at this – but the key is separating the info gatherers from those internet searchers who are actually ready to hire a fabricator. Only select keywords that are most likely to convert into paying customers, not every category-related keyword in the book. Use text ads that attract “ready to hire” searchers rather than info gatherers. Promote an offer in your text ad rather than just information about your company.

2  Convince prospects to choose your business to call rather than one of your competitors.
Online searchers will also be viewing the sites of your competitors. Most online marketing campaigns send internet searchers directly to the countertop business’s existing site (designed to convey general information for site visitors). In most cases, that site does not provide the visitor specific reasons to choose your fabrication business over your competitors. Instead, post a list of unique reasons a homeowner would want to choose you to do his countertops rather than someone else in your community.  

3  Make contact immediately with the homeowner.
Potential customers should be able to call your business and speak with you or a receptionist directly — especially on weekends when home improvement customers are most active. Don’t let callers go into voice mail that gets checked once a day or worse, every several days. The longer it takes for you to speak with a potential customer after he or she first inquiries, the more likely it is that the person has contacted another countertop business instead. With the pay-per-qualified-inquiry countertop lead generation that we provide, if a call from a potential new customer is not answered, the caller is routed to a campaign-specific voice mail system that records the caller’s message, transcribes it, and then instantly sends that message via text and email directly to the contractor – so he can return the call immediately, before the prospect talks to someone else.

4  Track your inquiries, and only pay for the qualified prospects that can hire you.
Many marketing companies, including us, use unique phone numbers on their countertop lead generation campaigns to track incoming phone leads generated from the campaign. But if the calls that are tracked are not viable new customers for your business, then you’re still spending money and receiving little new business in return. We actually listen to recordings of every call that our lead generation campaigns produce to determine which ones are the qualified new prospects. Then we charge the countertop business only for the viable new customers we generated for them. This way, fabricators never spend money that doesn’t produce actionable results. If your lead generation company, or marketing agency, is still charging for their services rather than only for what their services produce, you may be considerably overpaying.

5  Monitor the pace of incoming prospects and control the pace to only the number of new customer jobs you can handle.
Since we listen to every incoming inquiry, monitoring and qualifying leads throughout the day, we can also change the pace in which a countertop business receives incoming new customers, ramping it up, or scaling it back as needed. Most of the fabricators that we work with receive 5-10 new kitchen countertop jobs per week cost-effectively from our lead generation program (though some receive less due to the smaller size of their business, and many also receive significantly more).

Author: Jim Rauch

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