4 Reasons to Buy Granite Fabrication Leads When You’re Already Busy

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Reasons to buy granite leads when you're busy1.  When demand is high, growing your business is less risky

Demand is cyclical and when there are lots of buyers, it’s easier and less risky to expand your business. The risk of growing your business is higher when you’re operating on thin margins and there are fewer available countertop jobs in the community.

Buying granite fabrication leads, from a lead generation supplier such as Contractor LeadQ, is an easy way to get additional qualified ready-to-buy granite countertop customers to call you without doing any additional marketing. And when there is a lot of demand for granite countertops, it’s even easier to close those leads into paying jobs.

2.  Make as much money as you can now, and bank it for leaner times

If your business suffered through lean times when the economy crashed, you know your business’s revenue can vary greatly from year to year. Making as much money as you can now will help you through the tougher market times. It’s well worth hiring more staff to handle the work load that additional granite fabrication leads can bring your business. Then bank the extra profits you make as reserves.

3.  If you don’t grow, your competitors will

When demand is high, some granite fabricators will grow their businesses. Others will simply maintain their current size and capacity, happy just to be busy. But the fabricators who grow their businesses, will also become stronger and more dominant competitors, and make more profits from the additional work. Will you be the business that simply maintains or the competitor that grows to meet demand? Will you be the competitor in your market who takes advantage of buying qualified granite fabrication leads to grow his or her business quickly, or the business that has to compete against the one who does?

4.  If you’re only getting granite inquiries, buy qualified leads for marble or manufactured surface jobs to expand your business

When demand is high, it is a great time to grow some of the other areas of your business that sometimes get neglected. Homeowners often already know which type of countertop surface they would like installed prior to choosing a contractor. If they don’t know that your business also fabricates marble and manufactured surfaces, they will never call you to bid their job. However, you can get these additional jobs easily just by buying qualified leads of these specific customers — again, without doing any additional marketing on your own.

Author: Jim Rauch

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